We are the low-interest,

risk-free alternative to

payday loans in Dallas

Borrow up to $1,000 for a year

Employers: Discover how you can offer this service to your employees

Who We Are


The Community Loan Center (CLC) of Dallas was established in 2014 in order to offer low-interest, low-fee personal loans to employees of enrolled employers as an alternative to high-cost payday and auto title loans.

The CLC of Dallas is a program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Business & Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas. Founded in 1990, BCL of Texas is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the United States Department of Treasury and a licensed lender regulated by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC). Our mission is to build strong communities through economic development programs that promote asset-building, homeownership, and small business growth. Partners and supporters of the Community Loan Center of Dallas include the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville, Texas Community Capital, JPMorgan Chase, NeighborWorks America, Texas Appleseed and RAISE Texas.

Benefits to Employers


Your employees are more productive

when they are financially stable

Attract and retain talented employees

Zero cost to you

Loan payments are fully automated


How it Works

When an employee applies for a loan, we ask you to verify their employment. Once approved, we send you the employee’s loan repayment schedule so you can set up the automatic payroll deduction.

Becoming a Participating Employer is Simple

Sign our Memorandum of Understanding and then arrange a time for us to train your payroll staff, which only takes a few hours.

Are You Responsible for Your Organization’s Payroll?

Ready to learn more about the CLC of Dallas? Contact us at (214) 688-7456 to get started.

Why borrow from us?


Everyone faces unexpected expenses from time to time. Don't let a lack of savings put you further in the hole by taking out a high-cost payday or auto title loan. If your employer is enrolled in the Community Loan Center (CLC) of Dallas program, you can quickly access a loan of up to $1,000 to cover anything that comes up, with no collateral or credit checks required.

If your employer isn't enrolled yet, let them know about the CLC of Dallas-- there's no cost to offer this great benefit to employees!




For a $1000 loan due in 1 month, the average payday lender charges $775 in fees. We charge only $120 in fees - and we let you repay the loan in 12 months


How it Works

Online Application

Apply Now >


Pending employment verification and your signature, your loan will be deposited into your checking account in 2 business days


Loans are automatically paid through your paycheck



Loans from $400 to $1000

Payback period is 12 months

18% interest; $20 administrative fee



  • Minimum age is 18

  • Working at a participating employer for at least 3 months

  • Checking account

  • Driver license or passport numbers

  • Social security number


No credit history or collateral needed

No prepayment penalties

Free financial counseling available



Use this form to contact a Community Loan Center of Dallas representative to get timely responses to our most frequently asked questions and loan requests.